FSFX PrecipitFX - Courtesy of OldProp Solutions, Inc.



PrecipitFX is an effects add-on by FSFX Packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX) and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D). It is designed to replace the terrible default rain/snow textures (which look like warp drive), and improve contrails, wingtip vortices, and effects such as jet blast, wheel mist, and brake smoke. FSFX Packages is a brand of OldProp Solutions, Inc. based in Quebec, Canada.

ORDERING / PRICE (in Euros, rounded up)

PrecipitFX was purchased via the FSFX Packages website as a downloadable product.

$15  FSFX Packages PrecipitFX


PrecipitFX is only available as a download. It is just over 1 MB in size.


The downloaded ZIP file contains the installer and manual. The manual is a full color 8-page PDF and covers the product well. It is so simple, it does not need more.


Once purchased, you will receive a Serial Number via email. Use this number to activate the product online after creating a free OldProp account. This unlocks the download link. You get two installations, and can reset them every 30 days.

After that, installation was easy as running the installer executable. As of this writing, PrecipitFX supports FSX, FSX:Steam, and P3D versions 2 and 3.

TIP: I use My Traffic 6 (MT6) for AI aircraft and wanted the same effects to apply to those planes as well. So, I simply copied all the MT6 aircraft folders into the …/simObjects/Airplanes folder of my P3D folder and ran PrecipitFX again. Then, I moved them back. It worked like a charm. I would imagine the same trick can be used with other AI traffic programs.


Once installed, PrecipitFX auto-detects your FSX/P3D installations. Simply select which effects you want, and click Install. It even supports DX10 in FSX if you used Steve’s DX10 Scenery Fixer.


I did some quick flights using the Beech King Air 350 in P3Dv3 and the difference is monumental! I took some quick screenshots to post here, but they really don’t do it justice. I recommend checking out the latest PrecipitFX videos online for the full experience.

This is my flight turning east out of King County International Airport/Boeing Field (KBFI) during the day, in the winter, with the weather set to Winter Wonderland (snow).

Default snow effect in P3Dv3 before FSFX's PrecipitFX.
Default snow effect in P3Dv3 before FSFX’s PrecipitFX.
Snow effect in P3Dv3 after FSFX's PrecipitFX.
Snow effect in P3Dv3 after FSFX’s PrecipitFX.

Notice the awful default “warping” effect you get with the default textures, and how the snow is incredible with PrecipitFX. On the ground, the default falling snow is utterly annoying, while the PrecipitFX snow looks beautiful.

A little further in this same flight, I turned towards downtown Seattle and changed the weather to Major Thunderstorm (rain).

Default rain effect in P3Dv3 before FSFX's PrecipitFX.
Default rain effect in P3Dv3 before FSFX’s PrecipitFX.
Rain effect in P3Dv3 after FSFX's PrecipitFX.
Rain effect in P3Dv3 after FSFX’s PrecipitFX.

Again, the default rain is like warping through space. While the PrecipitFX rain is nicely broken up, segmented, and individual drops fly by at different angles. Such an improvement!

Cockpit view of the rain effect in P3Dv3 after FSFX's PrecipitFX.
Cockpit view of the rain effect in P3Dv3 after FSFX’s PrecipitFX.

And for those of you wondering, the last shot is from the cockpit, with the panels removed. No warping rain effect here either, just barely perceptible droplets whizzing by. This is great news for my home cockpit visuals that don’t use external views.


I have not required any support from FSFX with this product, but they have a online support section with FAQ, direct 1-on-1 support, and a link to their AVSIM Users Forum.


PrecipitFX added a whole new perspective when flying my simulator. Combined with the use of the Active Sky Next weather engine, this really cleaned up the views out the windows during inclement weather. I am extremely satisfied with it, especially the inexpensive cost, and pleased to give it a perfect 10 out of 10!

PrecipitFX header image by FSFX Packages/OldProp Solutions, Inc. my737NG.com is not affiliated with, maintained, authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by FSFX Packages/OldProp Solutions, Inc.