2 thoughts on “REVIEW: CPFlight Forward Overhead Panel”

  1. Dear Sim-Collegue 😉
    I noticed your site and I was very impresed about your simulator and especially about your review about the overhead. I’m also thinking to buy the cpflight overhead, too.
    Could you tell me how the gauges works? Simworld says that their gauges wirks very smothie like the real but I don’t imagine that the gauges from cpflight can’t do that similar???
    I’m very convinced about the oproducts from CPF. The backside is very clear and presumably eays to connect and start the ovh.

    It would be very kind of you when you can give me a short answere.


  2. Hello,

    The CPFlight overhead gauges appear to be stepper motors and not servo like the newer SimWorld overhead, but they are smooth enough to not be an issue for me. I can’t really say anything about the SimWorld servo smoothness as I have not seen it working in person or in any online videos.

    – M

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