Prepar3d V4

Prepar3d v4: A New Hope

A small update, but big news!

It has been a long time coming I know, but Lockheed Martin has finally released Prepar3D version 4 with a 64-bit architecture. While this does not solve every problem with the ESP (FSX-based) software, it does make a difference.

I have already purchased and installed P3Dv4 HotFix 1 (version on my desktop test platform and, so far, it does provide better visual range, smoother operation, and a new interface. And, most importantly, I no longer have to worry about running out of VAS memory on long flights! But, everything is not perfect… yet.

It will take some time for the various third-party add-on developers to update their products for this new 64-bit application. I’ve installed and tested a few that are out already, such as:

So far, they all seem to be working fine. I can definitely turn the graphic sliders in P3Dv4 up higher without the same frame rate hit as with v3. I even have land and & sea traffic at 20%. And, the autogen & LOD radius are larger allowing for much more scenery to be visible without as many issues. And this is all while still running on my i7 4970k with a GTX 970 video card.

Finally, I am currently testing the latest version of ProSim 1.50 on my desktop before moving it to the sim hardware. There will be some firmware upgrades I need to do first to fully support it. More to come!

UPDATE 5-9-2018: P3Dv4 version 4.2 ( is installed and pretty much all the add-ons I have work now. ProSim737 is up to version 2.04, and it also works fine. The sim is so much fun!

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