CPFlight 737 Forward Overhead Panel

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Overhead Overload

CPFlight complete pedestal

Forward overhead shipping package from CPFlight.

Inside the CPFlight overhead box, with good shipping protection.

Behind the CPFlight overhead, wrapped up very nicely.

The CPFlight overhead switches and knobs are quite safe during shipment.

CPFlight website


 CPFlight website

CPFlight forward overhead panel in all its glory.

CPFlight forward overhead beveled windows and correct labels.


The back of the CPFlight overhead is very clean and orderly.

Custom EMER EXIT LIGHTS switch guard on CPFlight forward overhead panel.

CPFlight overhead locking switch details. Photo courtesy of CPFlight.

Detailed T-bar covers on the CPFlight overhead landing light switches.

Flight Illusion

CPFlight overhead gauge font and color details.

CPFlight overhead uses dual needles where expected, such as the DUCT PRESS bleed gauge.


Aircraft Spruce

CPFlight overhead switches with and without the Aircraft Spruce white covers.

My custom cover on the CPFlight overhead Wing Anti-Ice switch.


Incorrect annunciator label on my CPFlight overhead panel.

The CPFlight overhead hinge hole was a little too small for the supplied bolts.

Long standoffs used to secure the CPFlight overhead panel when closed.

The standoff I broke while working on my CPFlight overhead panel.

CPFlight forward overhead panel lighting test.

ProSim737 Avionics Suite

forum thread

CPFlight forward overhead, complete pedestal, and JetMax SKTQ in the dark.

markuspilot’s website

custom platform base

Review of CPFlight 737 Forward Overhead Panel by my737ng.com


  1. how much was shipping and handling on this as well as the jetmax package? Just trying to get a concept of what to allow for. thanks

    1. I would imagine so as they are the correct size. I also plan on getting the FDS shell in the future, so I am sure I will figure out a way.

  2. Just a curious question. What made you choose the CPFlight overhead over JetMax’s overhead. I live in Toronto about 20 min from FDS/JetMax so I am trying to get an accurate comparison between the two

  3. Hi,
    I have exact the same aft and ovh panel of CP flight as you.
    But I have a big problem with the gauges, they all moving very slow! 2 to 3 times slower then normal.
    I use Prosim737, do you have or had the same problem??
    CP flight and Engravity are not working hard to solve my problem which is almost 1 year old! I hope there is a solution, because it isn’t the expensivest panel in simwordl there is.


    1. Olaf, I know your pain. I have asked ProSim and CPFlight about it, and they blame each other. The cabin pressure gauge I can live with being slow, but the bleed duct pressure being too slow is really aggravating. Let me know if you find an answer!

  4. Great setup! I wish I could afford CPFlight set. Currently I am working on my overhead, and I am going to order laser cut and bended aluminum frame. Since you said both CP and Jetmax have correct dimensions, can you tell me what is the exact total widht and length of the FWD overhead frame? Thanks in advance, that would be really helpful

    1. The size of the CP Flight FWD OH panel itself is ~660mm wide by ~710mm tall by ~32mm thick. The outside cover is ~668mm wide by ~717mm tall by ~82mm thick. These dimension are directly from the manual.

  5. Hello,
    Could you please give me the dimensions of the Jetmax Overhead support?
    I own a SImworld overhead and I want to make something similar as the Jetmax support.
    Thank you in advance.

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