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Progress updates for the site or cockpit simulator.

Prepar3d v4: A New Hope

A small update, but big news!

It has been a long time coming I know, but Lockheed Martin has finally released Prepar3D version 4 with a 64-bit architecture. While this does not solve every problem with the ESP (FSX-based) software, it does make a difference.

I have already purchased and installed P3Dv4 HotFix 1 (version on my desktop test platform and, so far, it does provide better visual range, smoother operation, and a new interface. And, most importantly, I no longer have to worry about running out of VAS memory on long flights! But, everything is not perfect… yet.

It will take some time for the various third-party add-on developers to update their products for this new 64-bit application. I’ve installed and tested a few that are out already, such as:

So far, they all seem to be working fine. I can definitely turn the graphic sliders in P3Dv4 up higher without the same frame rate hit as with v3. I even have land and & sea traffic at 20%. And, the autogen & LOD radius are larger allowing for much more scenery to be visible without as many issues. And this is all while still running on my i7 4970k with a GTX 970 video card.

Finally, I am currently testing the latest version of ProSim 1.50 on my desktop before moving it to the sim hardware. There will be some firmware upgrades I need to do first to fully support it. More to come!

UPDATE 5-9-2018: P3Dv4 version 4.2 ( is installed and pretty much all the add-ons I have work now. ProSim737 is up to version 2.04, and it also works fine. The sim is so much fun!

2016 Recap Update

As 2016 is passing along quickly, it seemed a good time to provide a overall update. Also, a major milestone in my cockpit building adventure has been reached. With the rudder pedal installation, I have finally removed the last piece of non-737 specific hardware in my cockpit. No more GA equipment means a full Boeing commitment.

More importantly, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of my visitors for your continuous support. Maintaining this site motivates me as much as the flying does, so I appreciate all of your comments, feedback, and questions!

So far, I currently have the following hardware installed:

I built a mobile wooden base to mount it all on. This allows me to move the entire simulator to get behind the MIP and access my two computers:

On these computers, I have the following software installed:

I wrote a few articles along the way to explain some processes I went through and resources I discovered:

I also added an External Links page to act as an online directory for the many products and other simmers out there today.

TIP: Don’t forget to check out my Visuals page, it is like a running timeline of my cockpit build!

Back when I decided on building only half of the cockpit (SSTD), this is what I imagined it looking like. Now, it is time to just fly the thing. Perhaps I will finally start using my VATSIM account and look at virtual airlines to join. Either way, I think I have finally earned some time off to just enjoy it.

Of course, this does not mean I am actually finished. Are we ever really done? I do have a list of things I am considering in the near future:

  • A better audio setup with multiple speaker locations
  • SimWorld gauges if they are better than the Flight Illusion ones
  • Motorized Throttle Quadrant
  • Perhaps a more realistic column yoke and/or pedals
  • More scenery/airports

As for the distant future, and if I can find the space, perhaps I will be able to expand. In that case, the list grows even longer:

  • Entire cockpit shell and interior
  • Full dual-seater MIP
  • Linked Yokes/Rudder Pedals (perhaps with feedback)
  • Three projectors and wraparound screen

I know some people may not find this post all that interesting, but it does allow me to keep track of where I was, where I am, and where I want to go with the simulator. I hope it was informative and thank you again for stopping by.

P.S. A keen eye will note the model in the photograph is the new Boeing 737-8 MAX. I am just an avid 737 fan and will be keeping my as it is. Going to the MAX cockpit is not feasible right now, and I like all the buttons, knobs, and switches in the NG!