As my Boeing 737 cockpit building adventure continues on, I have discovered many online resources for information, assistance, guidance, and support. I wanted to showcase some links to the flight simulation community events, friends, sites, products, and forums I have seen along the way.


WorldFlight – A well-organized, global flight event supporting charity each fall.

FlightSimCon – Convention held in the United States each summer.

FlightSim – Convention held in the United Kingdom each fall.

FSWeekend – Convention held in the Netherlands each fall.








Norwegian 737 Project


CH Products – Generic flight simulator hardware for all types.

CockpitSimParts – A bunch of cockpit hardware parts and more.

CockpitSonic – A bunch of cockpit hardware parts and more.

CPFlight – High quality MCP/EFIS, Overheads, panels, and other flight sim hardware.

Flight Deck Solutions – From CDUs to full cockpits, they build top notch hardware products for the home cockpit.

Flight Illusion – Realistic simulated gauges.

FlyEngravity – Good reputation, good quality cockpit parts.

GoFlight – High-quality generic flight sim hardware.

JetMax – Affordable home 737 cockpit hardware.

NaturalPoint – Provider of the ingenious TrackIR system.

OpenCockpits – A huge selection of cockpit parts.

Poldragonet/Symulatory – More cockpit parts.

Saitek – Generic aircraft flight controls for the home pilot.

SimParts – More cockpit parts.

Simujabs – Custom yokes, rudder pedals, and more for your sim.

SimWorld – Cockpit hardware supplier, and getting better each day.

Sismo Soluciones – Even more cockpit hardware!

SwissSimShop – Supplier of real OEM aircraft surplus parts.

VRInsight – Basic inexpensive hardware, typically for entry-level.


A2A Simulations – Some of the best add-on aircraft you can buy!

ActiveSkyNext – HiFi Technologies weather injection program for FSX/P3D. By far the smoothest weather engine I’ve found and provides weather radar information to ProSim and PMDG.

AeroSoft – Huge supplier of add-on aircraft, sceneries, and tools such as the superb PFPX and TOPCAT flight planning software.

Aivlasoft – Creator of the Aivlasoft Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). I use this every time I fly to provide charts, airport diagrams, moving maps, frequencies, checklists, and more.

Angle of Attack – Some of the best 737 flight simulator training you can find!

Carenado – Beautiful and detailed small and medium add-on aircraft, including business jets.

EZDok – The well-used EZDok camera add-on is excellent!

Flight1 – Respected provider of add-on aircraft, avionics (GPS), sceneries, Ultimate Terrain 2, and more.

FlightAware – While technically not software, it is a huge resource for flight planning, routes, schedules, and real FAA/NACO charts.

FlightBeam – A few exceptionally detailed airports.

FS2Crew – Want a virtual co-pilot? They’ve got one for you!

FSDreamTeam – The creators of GSX and other many great airport add-ons.

FSFX Packages – They provide immersion and texture products to improve the look of simulatred weather

FSUIPC – Pete Dowson’s incredible flight simulator integration program. Used by many add-ons and external hardware. Modules updates can be found in Pete’s SimFlight Forum.

JustFlight – Well-known provider of add-on aircraft, missions, sceneries, AI traffic, and more.

Prepar3D – Home of Lockheed Martin’s updated ESP version of FSX with numerous fixes and improvements.

Majestic Software – Home of the famous Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 add-on aircraft.

Navigraph – Provider of frequently updated FMS and Charts data to flight simulation pilots.

ORBX FTX – Full Terrain provides regional and airport updates to bring your simulator to life. They offer improved landclass and vector data, and even fixed the boring trees in FSX/P3D.

PMDG – Precision Manuals Development Group develops the fantastically detailed and complex Boeing 737, 747, 777 & MD11, BAE Jetstream J41 add-on aircraft for FSX and P3D.

ProSim-AR – Home of ProSim737, my great avionics suite. Also developing a Airbus A320 suite. Includes their dedicated support forum.

REX Simulations – Supplier of REX Texture Direct to upgrade most FSX/P3D default land, air, and sea textures to better, high-quality versions. Also offers the Weather Architect product for completely user-designed weather patterns.


aero.sors.fr – Helpful site with frequently updated NavAid, Fixes, and MagVar files and other Flight Simulator information.

AVSIM – Probably the largest flight simulation community and forums.

CockpitBuilders – A large cockpit building community and forum with DIYs and How-Tos. You can get almost any build question answered here.

FlightSim – Community and forums.

FlightSimWorld – Community and forums.

FlyAwaySimulation – Community and forums.

Intellicast – I frequently use their Interactive Weather Map to find interesting weather to fly in when using Active Sky Next.

MyCockpit.org – Another flight simulation community website and forums. Has a good builder sub-forum as well.

SimBrief – Respectable flight planning interface with detailed and printable flight plans.

SimFlight – News, community, and forums.

SkyVector – Interactive VFR charts and flight planning.