From my childhood, I have been fascinated with flight. I used to draw buttons and switches on pieces of plywood under the stairs and pretend to pilot aircraft and rockets. Both my father and stepfather were licensed Private Pilots, even letting me take the “wheel” on jaunts when I could barely see over the dash.

In 1988, I discovered Chuck Yaeger’s Advanced Flight Trainer and was instantly hooked on computer based flight simulators. I’ve owned three different versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator over the years and flew constantly both in civilian and combat operations.

After I lost both my father and stepfather, I was not nearly interested in flight, aircraft, or the like. It took many years until I was reintroduced to the genre in 2013 after many of my friends became Private and ATP pilots. Deep down, I realized I still loved flying, and it was a good time in my life to follow it once again.

I slowly started building pieces of a more advanced home sim with off-the-shelf retail parts and my desk took a turn to quite the little cockpit. I then started following all the major flight simulation and cockpit building forums. I read other’s reviews, stories, and pit builds. I couldn’t get enough. It had become time to take the next step and go full size and sit in the heart of it myself.

So, here we are. I have a history of building custom BMWs and created a website to document that progress. It was only natural to start another to dedicate to my own cockpit build and hopefully inspire, motivate, and inform others along the way as to the fantasy and reality of home cockpit simulators.

Again, thank you for taking the time to visit my little online world and I hope you take something useful from it with you as you explore your own dreams!

– my737NG.com

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