2016 Recap Update

As 2016 is passing along quickly, it seemed a good time to provide a overall update. Also, a major milestone in my cockpit building adventure has been reached. With the rudder pedal installation, I have finally removed the last piece of non-737 specific hardware in my cockpit. No more GA equipment means a full Boeing commitment.

More importantly, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of my visitors for your continuous support. Maintaining this site motivates me as much as the flying does, so I appreciate all of your comments, feedback, and questions!

So far, I currently have the following hardware installed:

I built a mobile wooden base to mount it all on. This allows me to move the entire simulator to get behind the MIP and access my two computers:

On these computers, I have the following software installed:

I wrote a few articles along the way to explain some processes I went through and resources I discovered:

I also added an External Links page to act as an online directory for the many products and other simmers out there today.

TIP: Don’t forget to check out my Visuals page, it is like a running timeline of my cockpit build!

Back when I decided on building only half of the cockpit (SSTD), this is what I imagined it looking like. Now, it is time to just fly the thing. Perhaps I will finally start using my VATSIM account and look at virtual airlines to join. Either way, I think I have finally earned some time off to just enjoy it.

Of course, this does not mean I am actually finished. Are we ever really done? I do have a list of things I am considering in the near future:

  • A better audio setup with multiple speaker locations
  • SimWorld gauges if they are better than the Flight Illusion ones
  • Motorized Throttle Quadrant
  • Perhaps a more realistic column yoke and/or pedals
  • More scenery/airports

As for the distant future, and if I can find the space, perhaps I will be able to expand. In that case, the list grows even longer:

  • Entire cockpit shell and interior
  • Full dual-seater MIP
  • Linked Yokes/Rudder Pedals (perhaps with feedback)
  • Three projectors and wraparound screen

I know some people may not find this post all that interesting, but it does allow me to keep track of where I was, where I am, and where I want to go with the simulator. I hope it was informative and thank you again for stopping by.

P.S. A keen eye will note the model in the photograph is the new Boeing 737-8 MAX. I am just an avid 737 fan and will be keeping my as it is. Going to the MAX cockpit is not feasible right now, and I like all the buttons, knobs, and switches in the NG!