Measure Thrice, Cut Once

As the JetMax SKTQ MIP, and CPFlight Complete Pedestal/Forward Overhead Panel have been ordered,  I need to make sure I have the correct sized platform and space in the room to build it. Enter SketchUp. I frequent play with this modeling tool for its functionality and easier learning curve.

What you see above is the combination of many online measurements and plenty of JetMax photos. I think I have it pretty close, enough to find out how big the base needs to be. I thought I would share a image of the result.

Also, I put in an order for Flight Illusion gauges to replace the flaps, yaw damper, and chrono on JetMax. However, they make each order new so it will be 4-5 weeks on those. Speaking of waiting, we still have another two or three weeks on the pedestal and Jetmax. The wait is the hardest part!