I will be a ProSim’mer!

While I am waiting for the Jetmax SKTQ, CPFlight Forward Overhead Panel, and CPFlight Complete Pedestal to arrive, I have been trying out the time-limited demo version of the ProSim737 avionics suite. I built a dedicated PC just for avionics and began doing some side by side comparisons with my PMDG 737 NGX on-screen.  As the PMDG is my only working reference (outside the FCOMs), I am very excited with the initial results.

UPDATE: I did end up later purchasing the software and have posted my experiences in my ProSim737 Avionics Suite review article!

Time to get real, mostly

I know it has been a while, but this “hobby” is not cheap!

A big step towards the cockpit was taken today. I put a deposit down on a JetMax 737SKTQ with the MIP/CDU/TQ package. A big thanks to Peter at FDS for answering a steady stream of questions and being patient! I chose to start with the smaller, more affordable JetMax instead of the full dual-seater to see how this all goes. I can always replace it later and use most of the bits in a full MIP.

I am also in contact with Claudio at CPFlight to get my hands on his Forward Overhead Panel and Complete Pedestal.

All of these items have quite a few weeks of lead time, but I will update when I start seeing anything.

More to come!